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Vision and Philosophy


Our vision at Stanford Online Academy is to provide meaningful learning experiences that inspire and motivate our students to achieve their goals and succeed in life. To do this, we are committed to:

  1. Offering an education of the highest quality that is affordable
  2. Engaging all of our students, teachers, and support staff to achieve our high expectations
  3. Creating an online environment that maximizes learning, where students can feel safe, secure, respected, valued, and proud
  4. Creating a space to work and learn where everyone is happy, recognized and fulfilled
  5. Supporting parents in the education of their children through developing genuine relationships with teachers, administrators, and support staff

Stanford Online Academy’s philosophy is premised on the belief that:

  1. All students are able to learn
  2. Young people are the building blocks of tomorrow’s world
  3. A good education can only be achieved when staff members and students feel safe, respected, and fulfilled
  4. A quality education must be dynamic and engaging
  5. Students must build connections between what they are learning in school and the world they experience


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