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Principal's Message

At Stanford Online Academy, we take great pride in offering an education that fosters the intellectual, emotional, and social development of all students. Our goal is to offer students knowledge and skills that prepare them for an ever-changing world, and to help them achieve their highest potential in preparation for their unique post-secondary needs.

Learning in an online environment is different from a classroom setting. Students must consider the various strategies that they can use to make their way through course content and remain motivated. Teachers are available to assist with this, and it is this flexibility that makes online learning so appealing! Students can study anytime and from anywhere in the world! Be mindful that the course is asynchronous. This means that each student is completing their courses at their own pace. There are no deadlines, but students should be mindful of their own personal goals to ensure they finish their course within a reasonable and realistic timeframe. 

We are committed to creating an environment for students to explore their creativity and intellectual interests in a safe and dynamic way. Our unique online program prepares students for the challenges in the working world ahead.


Jessica Bowden



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